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Is it suitable for my skin ?

The Sweetbrush is based on the most innovative technologies to gently cleanse your skin. It is neither abrasive nor irritating: your skin is healthy and clean without any redness or discomfort.

What are the benefits ?

The Sweetbrush is the perfect solution for people with acne, excess sebum or stubborn blackhead problems.

It stimulates cell vitality, boosts collagen regeneration, and restores your skin's natural elasticity.

It is a simple and effective way to improve your skin's complexion, hydration and oxygenation.

How should I use it ?

Step 1: Rinse your brush and add your favorite cleansing lotion.

Step 2: Moisten your face and then rotate slightly with the brush.

Step 3: Dry your face and apply your classic day or night cream.

For best results, repeat this process daily.

What accessories are provided ?

Four interchangeable brush heads are provided to allow you to adopt a complete beauty routine:

- A face brush

- A body brush

- A pumice stone

- A make-up remover sponge

Is it Waterproof ?

The Sweetbrush is perfectly waterproof. It is designed for use in the bath and shower.


What payment methods do you accept ?

We only accept payments by credit card.

How to use a promotional code ?

Simply click at the top of the add payment information page to open the order summary. You will then find an associated section and you will only have to enter your promotional code. Its amount will then be deducted immediately from the amount of your items.

Where do you deliver to ?

We deliver worldwide.

What are the delivery times ?

Orders are delivered within 7 working days. However, the time limits may be extended when a promotional operation is in progress.

Can I cancel my order ?

If you wish to cancel or modify your order, please send an e-mail to the following address:

However, once the order has been placed, we cannot guarantee that your purchase will be cancelled or modified.

If you have received your order and need to return it, please contact our customer service.